24/7 PRAYER FOR JAPAN 日本のための祈りをつなげよう

PRAYER GUIDE – WEEK 7 (Oct 17th – 23rd)

Posted on October 16, 2022

1. Region of Chugoku

This region contains the prefectures of Tottori (Japan’s least populated prefecture), Shimane, Okayama, Hiroshima, and Yamaguchi. Hiroshima city, the major city in that region, was the site of the first devastating atomic bomb during WWII.

  • Peace is a significant concern for the people in Hiroshima and the region. Pray that many there will come to know Jesus Christ as the Prince of Peace.
  • Pray for parachurch ministries in this region, including Christian welfare facilities, medical institutions, nursing homes, and schools. May people come to know Jesus as their gentle and lowly Savior who cares for their whole well-being.

2. Being a Small Minority

At one percent of the population, Christians are a small minority in Japan. Sometimes there may only be one believer in an entire classroom, club, company, or family. It may be difficult to withstand social pressures and to publicly self-identify as Christian.

  • Jesus spoke of salt, light, and leaven in the Bible—all small, yet having permeating influence. Pray that Japanese Christians will become more visible in society and have this influence of God’s grace and goodness wherever they go. 
  • Pray that Jesus will strengthen and comfort believers in Japan when they feel isolated or small. May the Holy Spirit remind them that they are part of a big global family—the body of Christ around the world. 

3. Aging Society

In 2020 more than 28% of Japan’s population was aged 65 and over. This is increasing as Japan’s population shrinks due to declining birthrates and a growing number of “lifelong singles.”

There are enormous long-term implications. The healthcare and pension systems are under stress. A growing number of elderly people live alone and are becoming socially isolated.

Christians are also trying to reach out. Some churches run exercise classes or host seniors’ lunches. There are even elderly Christians who volunteer in nursing homes, seeking to befriend their peers.

  • Give thanks for faithful elderly believers and pray they will share their faith with their peers.
  • Pray for wisdom for the Japanese government and other leaders making decisions about issues such as healthcare, pensions, and community programs.

4. For the Intellectually Disabled people

Approximately 1.09 million people with intellectual disabilities live in Japan. (It refers to those who have developed the disease before the age of 18. This does not include the number of people with dementia who develop the disease at an older age.)The degree of disability is classified from mild to the most severe. Some people have difficulty being accepted by others. However, the Lord has engraved His image on each and every one of us. Let us pray that the Lord will give them the help they need so that their precious lives will shine forth to the fullest.

  • Pray for protection from abuse.
  • Pray that the families and supporters of people with disabilities will encounter the Lord and be filled with the light of life.
  • Pray that churches will welcome the intellectually disabled people, be a place for them, and support their worship.
  • Pray that the intellectually disabled people will be saved and brought into fellowship with Christ.
  • Pray that the culture that treats the intellectually disabled people lightly or with disdain because of their inferiority will be broken down, and that the Lord's name will be praised through each handicapped person.  

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