24/7 PRAYER FOR JAPAN 日本のための祈りをつなげよう

Prayer Guide – Week 36 (May 08-14)

Posted on May 9, 2023

1 Kochi & Fukuoka

This week we are praying for two more Prefectures Kochi and Fukuoka

Kochi Prefecture
This mostly mountainous region receives only 70 days of sunshine per year and is hit by severe seasonal typhoons. It is a sparsely populated and mostly agricultural area, yet its amount of produce is not very large due to the fact that 80% of the land is forest.
The people of Kochi are known for being stubborn with a tendency to be anti-authority. They have less respect for the government, their elders, and the emperor than most prefectures. Generally, there is low interest in religion; ironically, Kochi has the third highest number of Shinto believers.

Please pray for:

  • The people who are fed-up with the failures of human government and leadership, that they would find the one true and perfect King in Jesus.
  • Japanese believers in Kochi to be courageous and bold for God's Kingdom and lead many of their peers to the Lord.
  • A church-planting movement to begin through national leadership in this region.

"His dominion is an everlasting dominion
Which will not pass away;
And His kingdom is one
Which will not be destroyed."
- Daniel 7:14b

The second is Fukuoka Prefecture
This area has more openness to foreigners than perhaps any other part of Japan - due in part to the 30,000 non-Japanese living here. Despite the number of internationals who could be bringing the Gospel to this region, Japanese who attend any form of worship service or Sunday fellowship hovers below 0.002% of the population. There are many who have claimed church membership that are not a part of their congregations. In Fukuoka, Christian sincerity is generally hard to find.

Please pray for:

- Those in Fukuoka who have a real, intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus, that they would be spurred on by the Holy Spirit to reach out to the lost with the Good News

  • The Christian immigrants, that they would be faithful to let their light shine in the darkness
  • The lost, that they would seek out and find their one true satisfaction in the person of Jesus Christ
  • Fukuoka to be won for Christ by His steadfast and patient love

"And then He will send forth the angels, and will gather together His elect from the four winds, from the farthest end of the earth to the farthest end of heaven." - Mark 13:27

2 Christian Literature

We have been praying for people to find God on line. This week we want to pray for Christian literature that is given to not-yet-believers

Pray that all those who have been given Bibles will be convicted by the Holy Spirit to read them. Pray that the Word of God would speak directly to them.

Pray for Christian literature that is handed to people on the streets or through friends. Again pray that the Holy Spirit would speak to people

Pray for organisations like Word Of Life that print and distribute Christian books. Pray that they would be able to produce books that will truly serve and build up the Christian community.

Finally pray for Christian musicians and worship leaders. Some of their CDs and recordings are listened to by people outside the Church – pray for their impact.

3 Christian Musicians

Let us pray for our brothers and sisters who have been entrusted with the missionary work and the gift of music.
Pray that each of us who have been working with ingenuity in the Corona Disaster will be used more and more.
Pray for cooperation with churches and Christian organizations.
May we always receive cleansing from the Lord and be able to serve Him.
May we be financially supported and fulfill our mission.
May new songs be produced one after another and be used for revival in Japan.

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