24/7 PRAYER FOR JAPAN 日本のための祈りをつなげよう

PRAYER GUIDE – WEEK 13 (Nov 28th - Dec 4th)

Posted on November 26, 2022

1. Hokkaido

(1) There are still many unreached rural areas, mainly little farming and fishing communities with no gospel witness and no believers. Please pray for Japanese Christians & cross cultural missionaries to go into the countryside to reach the workers in the rural areas of the island.

(2) Sapporo’s Susukino district is the third largest red light district in Japan after Tokyo and Osaka, with lots of business men from other paths of Japan ending up there on business trips. No church or ministry is engaging in addressing the human trafficking, the abuse and the injustice. Single mum’s and their kids are trapped in a vicious cycle. Please pray for Christian’s to meet Jesus there as he’s waiting to build his kingdom on the fringes. 

(3) In a shame/ honor culture if you mess up big time you run - many people from other parts of Japan end up in the north most island to get away from previous failures, other come for the dream of a life in the outdoors industry - shattered dreams and hopes of a restart are fertile ground for the gospel, please pray for spiritual breakthrough.

2. Awakening of Japan

You have probably experienced people being changed through prayer and experiencing works in the church. How wonderful it would be if we could experience God's work in the nation! We cannot experience God's work unless we get out of the boat and walk on the water like Peter did.

Come on! Why don't we all join hands and walk on the water together? God will surely do His work in this nation.

[Awakening of the Church]
(1) Many nations are praying for the spiritual awakening of Japan. This is a great revolution. Let us pray together that the Holy Spirit will work here and there in Japan, that we Japanese will be spiritually awakened, and that we will be able to see the whole land of Japan with God's eyes!

[Awakening of Japan]
(2) In Japan, there are 8 million gods, including the god of the mountains, the god of the sea, the god of animals, and all other gods. The faithful Japanese do their best to worship things that decay. Liberation is needed from all places, lands, and traditions. May the hearts and lands that are bound be liberated. Sometimes you all go to the indicated places in the community and pray for God to work!

[My own awakening]
(3) There are many people who are Christians but are not living a happy life of faith. We need to recover our identity as God's children. Let us pray for the restoration of our unity with God and our individual existence!

3. COVID-19 Re-Epidemic

The 8th wave of corona infections is said to be coming. The influenza pandemic season is also here. Medical institutions are facing another crisis of urgency. Let us pray for the protection of the Lord's hand and the response of the government.

  • Pray that this nation will be delivered and protected from the confusion caused by the corona infection and the fear of it.
  • Pray that medical institutions will be protected from the chaos. That all human and other needs will be met for proper treatment and medical care.
  • That infected people will be healed quickly and without serious illness.
  • That the coronavirus would be completely cured by the Lord's hand.
  • That those in positions of responsibility will be given wisdom to deal with this matter as best they can. May the Lord give us the wisdom and knowledge we need to make the best decisions regarding infection prevention measures, vaccinations, and rules for medication.

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