24/7 PRAYER FOR JAPAN 日本のための祈りをつなげよう

PRAYER GUIDE – WEEK 11 (Nov 14th - 20th)

Posted on November 12, 2022

1. Japanese Overseas

In 2019 more than 1.3 million Japanese were living abroad. It is estimated that every year nearly 1,000 Japanese people become Christians overseas. This is a high percentage compared to those living in Japan. Churches and Christian home-stay families around the world have an amazing opportunity to welcome Japanese people and share the gospel with them.

Pray for churches and ministries outside Japan as they seek to reach out to Japanese people.

Pray that Japanese people living overseas would be open to the gospel and meet believers who can lead them to Christ.

2. Prayer for Spiritual Breakthrough

There has long been a conviction that committed prayer is needed for a significant breakthrough of the gospel in Japan. There is also a growing global interest in praying for Japan—mission agencies are receiving emails and inquiries from around the world. A conviction to pray, Christians who want to pray, and the means to share information—these are rich starting materials for a prayer movement.

Believers in Japan long for spiritual breakthrough that will impact the culture, society, and church. We also long for breakthrough in every person.

  • Praise God that he is calling people all over the world to pray for spiritual breakthrough in Japan. 
  • Pray that God would prepare churches and Christians in Japan to respond to a breakthrough of people coming to faith.

3. Steadily Planting Gospel Seeds 

Evangelism can seem intimidating for many Japanese people. They are unsure if they know enough to share the gospel, and fear saying the wrong thing. Social pressures encourage them to keep silent. However, showing and sharing the gospel is a lifestyle, not an event or task. It is a steady process of life-giving conversations, building relationships of trust, and invitations. 

Pray that Christians in Japan will not look down or forsake small and steady efforts to share the gospel. Any step closer to Christ is a significant one! 

Pray against doubt and discouragement, of Christians feeling like their small efforts won’t make a difference. Pray that they will faithfully plant gospel seeds in people’s lives and experience the joy of the Lord.

4. Truancy among Children and Youth Students

The number of children and youth students who have been truant from school has been increasing in FY2021, partly due to changes in their living environment caused by the COVID-19. The number of elementary and junior high school students who were not attending school was 244,940 (based on data from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology). Of these, 63% are receiving counseling and guidance at institutions inside and outside of school.

  • The situation of each child is different. We pray that each child will be able to heal and recover without being denied the value of his or her existence.
  • That they may be filled with love and be able to live a positive life with peace of mind.
  • That they will be able to receive appropriate education.
  • That the church will reach them.
  • That families would receive the help they need without suffering.
  • Pray that we Christians will be given God's perspective.
  • Pray that each precious child will be given the joy of living as God's work.

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