24/7 PRAYER FOR JAPAN 日本のための祈りをつなげよう

PRAYER GUIDE – WEEK 10 (Nov 7th - 13th)

Posted on November 5, 2022

1. Okinawa Prefecture

Okinawa is a Japanese prefecture comprising more than 150 islands in the East China Sea between Taiwan and Japan's mainland. It has close to 1.5 million.

A Pastor from Okinawa asked us to pray this for their island

Prayer for the community

  • Family relationship to be healed and recovered. The highest divorce rate in Japan is in Okinawa.
  • Restoration of Men- there are issues around alcohol and gambling and absence from the family here in Okinawa
  • Pray for single mothers and fathers and their children
  • For many hearts to be opened to the love of God and say yes to Invitation from the Father to come back home

2. Workplace Pressure

Many Japanese workplaces exert relentless pressure on their workers. Permanent employees are often expected to work long hours and put the company before family and personal life. This lifestyle can affect mental and emotional health, and even be a cause of suicide or death by overwork (karoshi).

Pray for company leaders to prioritize taking care of their workers. 

Pray for Christians to have wisdom to balance the demands of work with family, church, and rest. 

It is overwhelming to think about the impact of COVID on Japan’s workplaces. Pray for God’s way forward in the complex pressures that individuals, companies, and industries are facing.

3. University Students and Young Adults

There are almost three million university students in Japan. University is a unique time when Japanese students are flexible in their schedule and open to new people and ideas. They are becoming adults and have hopes and anxieties about themselves and the future.

Pray that God will open doors for Christians to build relationships with university students, many of whom have never heard the gospel. Praise God for ministries like KGK (Japan’s chapter of InterVarsity), Campus Crusade, the Navigators, and YWAM that reach out to students.

Pray for Japanese Christian students and professors to have courage in sharing the gospel with classmates and coworkers. 

Pray that the Holy Spirit will lead students to use the season of university life to mature in their identity in Christ. Pray they will build lifelong relationships with Christian friends and mentors. 

4. Pray for Christians

  • Pray we will see more Christians going deeper into their intimacy with God Pray for more authentic relationships amongst the family of God.
  • We know that one family in God is the strongest force that breaks the work of the evil one. Pray for a growing unity.
  • That we as Christians will pass on the heart of God to next generations to come and bless them
  • We do not want to limit God with our own understanding. Pray for a pure heart - whole heart and that we would be a living sacrifice offered to God

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