24/7 PRAYER FOR JAPAN 日本のための祈りをつなげよう

PRAYER GUIDE – WEEK 5 (Oct 3rd – 9th)

Posted on October 1, 2022

1. Region of Chubu

The Chubu region is in the center of the main island of Japan and generally refers to the 9 prefectures of Niigata, Toyama, Ishikawa, Fukui, Yamanashi, Nagano, Gifu, Shizuoka, and Aichi. It is a vast area of different land features including plains and mountains, and city areas around Nagoya.

Chubu contains some of the most unchurched prefectures (Toyama, Ishikawa, and Fukui), which is perhaps due to the strong Buddhist influence. Ishikawa is nicknamed “the kingdom of Buddhism”; Toyama has the highest percentage of Buddhist followers; and Fukui has the highest number of Buddhist temples per population.

  • Pray particularly for a gospel breakthrough in Toyama, Ishikawa, and Fukui. Pray for God to strengthen and protect churches in these prefectures.
  • Pray for Nagoya, Japan’s fourth largest city. It is the central hub connecting the megacities of Tokyo and Osaka. Pray for seminaries, Christian leaders, and ministries in Nagoya to thrive and for the fruit of these ministries to spread up to Tokyo and down to Osaka, and indeed across Japan.

2. Popular Religious Practices

Japanese people have gone to Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples for centuries. Many find comfort in repeating the simple rituals of purification and prayer. They seek blessing for important life events, enjoy festivals, or find refreshment in the nature that is part of many religious sites. Shinto and Buddhist influences have shaped Japanese society and identity in significant ways. But through Christ, Japanese people can find their deepest belonging in the God who created them.

  • Pray that the Holy Spirit would lead those who seek salvation through various rituals to find Jesus Christ.
  • Pray that Japanese people would find their most authentic belonging and identity in the God who created them.

3. Increase in Seekers

Out of the 99% of Japan’s population who are non-Christian, let us ask for an increase in the number of seekers throughout the country. May they eagerly accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!

  • Pray for an increase of seekers in Japan in near vicinity to believers and churches that are able to help guide them to Christ.
  • Pray for energy, protection, and joy as seekers commit to learning more about Jesus through Bible study and the church. Some stumbling blocks include the busyness and weariness of daily life and confusion about where to start.

4. Mission Schools

There are 102 mission schools registered as corporations, including universities, graduate schools, junior colleges, vocational schools, high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, and kindergartens. (as of 2020)

Many children and students are enrolled in mission schools. Religion and Bible time is included in classes, and worship services are held regularly. Going to church is also encouraged. However, with very few Christian teachers, there are few people who can share the living faith and speak the Word of the Bible in a lively way. Let us pray that mission schools will be used as a place to touch the Lord's life in such a situation.

  • Pray that students will be exposed to the living Word of God through worship services and classes, and that they will seek God.
  • Pray that when they go to church, they will be accepted into God's family and feel safe to continue attending.
  • Pray that Christian teachers and students will stand together in missionary service.
  • Pray that the seeds sown through the mission schools will bear fruit through the prayers built up.
  • Pray especially for your local mission school by name.

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