24/7 PRAYER FOR JAPAN 日本のための祈りをつなげよう

PRAYER GUIDE – WEEK 18 (Jan 2nd - 8th)

Posted on December 31, 2022

1 Miyagi and Shiga

This week's prayer focus is for two Prefectures. 

Firstly Miyagi Prefecture.

Miyagi prefecture was hit hard by the 2011 tsunami/earthquake disaster and some towns lost as many as half their population. There is a higher population in Miyagi then in most of the Tohoku region with Sendai being its largest city.

The people of Miyagi generally have weaker feelings towards religion compared to other parts of Tohoku as Buddhist and Shinto influence is not as strong. After the disaster however, many people have begun searching for life's answers and this has led some people to find new life in Christ.

Please pray for:

  • Those who are still grieving loved ones after the tsunami, that they would find hope in Christ through their suffering and God would draw them to Himself
  • The missionaries working in Miyagi Prefecture, that the Lord would use them in mighty ways.
  • Those who are seeking, that they would find the One they are looking for

The second is Shiga Prefecture. 

It’s home to Japan's largest lake, this prefecture has a large number of Buddhists. Paradoxically, Shiga values old traditions and values less than any other part of Japan.

Please pray for:

  • The 25 towns and villages with no churches, that each one will hear the Good News of God's grace through Jesus
  • Japanese believers there, that they would have close intimacy with God and listen to His voice
  • The few missionaries in Shiga, that they would be faithful and loving and have a profound impact on their communities
  • God's kingdom to come to Shiga prefecture

2 On the New Year

We welcome the new year 2023. There is hope for Japan. 

Now, let us go forward, grasping the Word given to us this year!

(Vision for this year) Let us draw a vision of what the Lord is going to accomplish in Japan and listen to what God is saying to your churches and to yourselves for it!  

(Church multiplication) Through the Corona disaster, churches were scattered and multiplied. Home meetings were restored, small groups and cells were multiplied, and online meetings increased and spread. May more and more churches be produced to fill Japan with the gospel.

(Discipleship Multiplication) Disciples who are willing to serve in all areas and fields are being multiplied. 'Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all nations, and of every nation, and of every tongue, and of every tongue, and of every tongue, and of every tongue, and of every tongue. Matthew 28:19" May discipleship training be actively accomplished.

3 For Hope and Vision

At the beginning of the year, let us pray for hopes, dreams and visions from the Lord to be clearly revealed in each of us.
May we receive assurance from the Word and move forward on the path God shows us.
For those who have already been given visions, may they receive additional strength from the Lord to move forward.
For those who will receive new visions this year, may they be given the guidance of the Lord's powerful hand and may they move forward boldly.
Even if the thoughts given to us feel "small," may we pray, share, and support each other without shame or fear.
If the church has received the Lord's challenge, let us pray that we can carry it out in unity with faith.
Let us pray that those whom the Lord has loved with His life this year will be led to salvation as a flock.

By installing a smartphone app called Echo, you will be able to use various functions that help you pray, such as reminder notifications.

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