24/7 PRAYER FOR JAPAN 日本のための祈りをつなげよう

PRAYER GUIDE – WEEK 15 (Dec 12th - 18th)

Posted on December 10, 2022

1. Ishikawa

(1) Pray for people to be freed from the strong Buddhism influence. 

The Hokuriku (Ishikawa, Toyama, and Fukui) area has a very strong Buddhism stronghold and considered one of the most unreached places in Japan. 
The Christian population is said to be about 1% in Japan according to the government, but that includes other cults. When you go to the country side in Hokuriku, some villages only have 0.01% Christians. Many people in Ishikawa have never met a Christian before in their life. 

The largest Buddhism Sect in Ishikawa is called Jodo Shinshu. However, most people cannot explain what they believe and they may go to the temple once or twice a year at special occasions.

Even if they heard the gospel, they are having a hard time to take the next step to believe and get baptized because they are concerned about what their family will say or not being able to practice their religious activities that often connects them with the people in the community.

(2) Pray for the preparation to begin a Christian School by 2024 April. 

There are several churches in Ishikawa that are coming together to begin a Christian school for the purpose of discipleship of the next generation. 
The plan is to hire only Christian teachers. 
Please pray for this school to be able to be a blessing to the many churches in Ishikawa. 
Pray for all the financial needs to be met. 
Pray for all the teachers to be provided. 

The principal that we were planning to hire is going through a great trial. 
The wife was told in the last one week that she has breast cancer. 
Appreciate your prayers for healing for Hitomi.

(3) Pray for the CPT (Community Partnership Team) in Ishikawa to have a closer intimate relationship and work together to reach the lost for Christ. 

There is a denomination called SeisyoKyoukaiRenmei in Ishikawa Prefecture. 
There are 11 churches. 
The denomination was started by Pastor Lenard and his wife Frances after the war. Pastor Lenard came as New Tribe Missionaries. 
Pastor Lenard and his wife both passed away this year, and many churches and believers are in mourning. 
Frances passed away two weeks ago. 
These 11 churches were also encouraged and blessed to watch the funeral service and to hear the life story of the missionary. 

Pray that these churches will work together to spread the Kingdom of God in Ishikawa. 
The churches involved with CPT are partnering together to do sports festival outreaches and beginning the Christian School in Ishikawa.

2. Teamwork (Networking)

In order to walk together in the new era, we need (1) transformation, (2) teamwork, and (3) each of us taking our part.

This week we would like to pray for "Teamwork (Network)”.

(1) One Team: 
God has given Japan a wonderful gift. Let us pray that the local churches in Japan will become "One Team" as Japanese Christians cooperate and support each other in unity toward the realization of the Kingdom of God!

(2) Partnership: 
“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” (Psalm 133:1). Partnership together is full of blessings. May teams be formed here and there, serving one another, complementing one another, and giving up themselves for one another as they work toward a single goal.

(3) Team Mission: 
The importance of networking is being talked about everywhere through disaster relief, sports, and children's support in the current mission flow in Japan.
Please pray that we can strengthen the network and prepare for a great harvest.

3. For those in a position of protection

As reported in the news, abuse in daycare centers and facilities is coming to light. Let us intercede and pray for the pain and suffering that exists there.

Pray that each person in a position of protection, such as infants, the elderly, and the disabled, will be protected from violence and emotional abuse.
Pray that those who have already been abused will be freed and their wounds will be healed.
That the work environment for childcare workers and caregivers will be improved. That the problem of chronic labor shortages in the field will be resolved.
That the people involved in the work will be cared for emotionally. That they will help and encourage each other.
That they will be protected from the temptation of darkness and encouraged in the light.
For the church to be a community that can provide the help needed.

By installing a smartphone app called Echo, you will be able to use various functions that help you pray, such as reminder notifications.

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